“City or Rural?”

Since I been writing my blog, I have had sometime to think about how different and how much my life has changed since I’ve been attending Juniata. I’ve not only a difference and change in my surroundings, but within myself, and it’s led me to ask myself a question, “Which do you enjoy more? City or Rural?” I asked myself this question because now that I have finished the first semester of my junior year, I realized that I’ve lived in Huntingdon for almost three years, and it was not as bad as I thought it would have been.

Being from the city, I never in a millions years would have thought that I would apply to a college that wasn’t in the city, yet alone actually attend one. Coming to Juniata I believe has really benefited my life. If it wasn’t for me attending Juniata I would have never been able to broaden my horizons and been able to explore a world outside of Philadelphia. The life lessons and experience that I have gained while living in Huntingdon I feel has made me a more well rounded person.

Living in Huntingdon and attending Juniata has definitely benefited my life. I love the I was able to have this experience, but I most definitely know that I am and always will be a city girl. I enjoyed being able to live in Huntingdon, but I know that after college, I will most likely be looking for apartments in the city. Whether it’s in Philadelphia or not, I know that I can fall sleep peacefully to the hustle and bustle of a city, than I can to the sound of crickets.


“If it’s in a Song, is it Okay to say it?”

On the campus of Juniata, anyone can tell you that the students that attend, definitely are up to date on the popular of our time. If you walk through any dorm hall, if it doesn’t happen to be quite hours, you can hear the latest music blasting from someone’s room. I know if you visit my dorm hall, I can guarantee that you would hear it, because most likely it would be coming from my room. The thing that surprised me most though, was that a lot of people at Juniata enjoy listening to hip hop and some R&B music.

I enjoy knowing that I could walk around campus and possibly hear one of my favorite songs playing, but because some of Today’s popular songs say the word “nigga” in them, one thing that I do not enjoy is feeling a little uncomfortable when my white friends and colleagues say it. “If it’s in a song, is it okay to say it?” is a question a over heard being asked to one of my friends. For me, I do understand that the words meaning has changed over time, but even though it has become a part of the African American culture’s vocabulary, I’m not too sure if black people are fully okay with white people saying it, even if it is in a popular song.

Just speaking for myself, I can relate to both sides of this issue. I understand that if I white person were to say the word, it could be taken the wrong way, but I also understand that if we as black people can use the word freely without having that negative meaning behind it, then why can’t the white people do the same? ¬†I am not sure if black people will ever be okay with white people saying the word “nigga”, regardless if it’s in a song, but I feel that if it’s not going to be okay for white people, or any other race to use it, then maybe it should be taken out of black people’s vocabulary as well, and most of all, the popular songs that we all love to listen and sing to.

“What’s Fleek?”

If any of you have been watching the newest vines lately, then you might have been hearing this phrase “On Fleek!” referring to anything that looks nice, or in other words, “On Point”. You might hear some people saying things like “eyebrows on fleek!” or “you hair is on fleek!” It seems to be a silly way to just say that something looks nice, but in the urban and social media community, this is the new form of lingo. “On Fleek” has become so popular, that this phrase has even been stitched on to a hat, just like other popular phrase like “You Can’t Sit With Us” and “On Wednesdays We Wear Pink”.

I love how new trends are constantly changing and seeing what is popular in Today’s world among the youth. I believe that for the reminder of the 2014 year, “On Fleek” is going to be my favorite way to compliment someone or even something. This phrase has even had Today’s Hip Hop stars like Nicki Minaj using it in one of her songs on her new album. For the people you might still be confused on how to use the phrase, just like anything else, practice makes perfect, and if you keep an eye out on the content of a conversation where you can use it. It’s really not that hard to work into your slag vocab, but do try to not over use it, because just like any trend, it has it’s raise and fall. So for the upcoming holiday season, I hope everyone’s is “On Fleek!”


“If I go to Philly, will I get Shot?”

Anyone who knows me at Juniata, knows that I am not too shy to let anyone know where I am from, and for the remainder of my blog, I do tend to mention it very often. So for the 100th time, I AM A PROUD PHILADELPHIAN! #EaglesNation. I enjoy being where I’m from because I know that it has definitely made me who I am. I love Philadelphia for all the reasons that some people wouldn’t. I love hoe real, how raw, and how honest it can be, and I especially love how supportive it can be for it’s natives. Don’t get me wrong, Philadelphia does have it’s flaws, but for the people who are from here, we try to make the best of it, but sometimes those flaws, like our high crime rate, can be some of the reasons why some people hesitate visit.

I know that for my friend Megan, that was one of her concerns in visiting Philadelphia, or because of her even bigger concern, getting shot. Getting shot is definitely no walk in the park, in fact it’s no where near it, but the way that Megan asked about her concerns, was one of the reasons why we are still friends today. One day, me and Megan were having a conversation about her going to visit Philly. Of course I bragged to her about the city were I was born and raised, and for the most part Megan seemed like she was getting excited about visiting, but then I guessed she began to wonder about her safety in the aggressive city. Megan then turned to me and asked, “If I go to Philly, will I get shot?” I thought this was the funniest thing Megan could have ever asked me, because for a naive of Philadelphia, you learn at a young age what to and not to do in order to avoid¬†getting shot.

I told Megan that if she stayed out of the neighbors that seem a little dangerous and if you see any sign of trouble, get as far away from there and to safety. I also told her to be aware of your surroundings and who you’re with, you should not have any reason to get shot. Megan took my advise and did decided to visit Philly, and she ended up enjoying her trip. As a Philadelphian, I could have not been prouder of my city for leaving a good impression and even more prouder of my friend for taking the courage to visit, because like I said Philly is a real, raw, and honest city, but it’s my city…and I LOVE IT!

Here’s a YouTube video of another Philly native, who I’m sure you all are familiar with…you might even know all the words to this song. Enjoy!

“Can you teach me how to Nae Nae?”

Another popular dance craze that broke out in 2014 was the “Nae Nae”. Just like “Twerking”, the “Nae Nae” was a dance that became an overnight sensation, especially on the campus of Juniata. Because Juniata is an academic based college, we don’t really have too much time to party as hard as other schools, except for on the weekends. The weekends at Juniata make up for all the hard work everyone has put in during the week, and it’s also an opportunity to go out, get as dressed up as you want, and to show off some new dance moves. For me and my friends, we took advantage of this and boy were we excited to dance to our favorite songs and do our new dance, the “Nae Nae”.

One night, while me and my friends were at a party, the song that the “Nae Nae” goes to came on. My friends and I were so focused on getting a space on the dance, I’m pretty sure we were knocking people over. As the song begin we all in unison began doing the popular dance. I guess we were so hyped to do it, we began to get the attention of everyone in the party. After the song went off, a girl, who I assume was impressed by me and my friends dance skills, came up to all of us and asked with such excitement, “Can you teach me how to Nae Nae?” I thought it was the most adorable and hilarious thing ever.

Adorable because she genuinely wanted to learn, and hilarious because I still could not believe that me and all my friends had just made complete fools of ourselves doing the Nae Nae (even though it was pretty fun). So later on that night we asked to have the song played again, and it did. Me and my friends ended up teaching that girl how to Nae Nae, but unfortunately, because we were so into teaching her and doing the dance, we forgot to ask for her name. So til this day,me and my friends still don’t know who we taught the Nae Nae to, but we’re glad we did.

And if you want to learn how to do learn the dance yourself or just hear the song, here’s the video!

“Are you down with the Swirl?”

Since going to to college, I can say that my love life has been almost to done. Meaning, that it’s pretty much close to being non existing. Not to say that I haven’t been dating since going to college, but most of those never really seemed to make it over a month. Seeing that Juniata is roughly three and a half hours from Philadelphia, the guys that I dated back home never made it to the relationship phase because long distance for season is like the black plague to the guys of my generation. No one really wants to put in the work to make it work. I feel that even if I was to be in a relationship with someone back home while I was away at school, it probably wouldn’t last too long because I tend to have a bad habit of getting too consumed with the things that are going on at school, that I forget that I have another life back home in Philly. I mean if I can barely remember to call my mother sometimes, then I know I would forget to call my boyfriend.

One day after having a conversation with my roommate about how (for a lack of better words) shitty our relationship statuses were, she can me if I would ever consider dating someone at Juniata. I told her I realized that after my first semester of my freshmen year, I was not going to discover the love of my life on the campus on Juniata. After she got done laughing at my response, she said that maybe I felt that way because I wasn’t going out of my comfort zone. I soon understood what she meant by that. Since my freshmen year, the only guys that I would go after were the type of guys that I would go after back home, black guys that is. Not at any point in my life did I ever date anyone who wasn’t a different race than me, and because that was what I was used to, that was all I went for when I came to college. It’s not that I don’t or wouldn’t date someone of a different race, but I never really had the option to.

So once I reveled this information to my roommate, she asked me another question that I will never forget. “So, are you down with the swirl?” For anyone who doesn’t know what “The Swirl” is, it is when a black person is dating a white person. Hence, vanilla and chocolate swirl. You know like the ice cream cone. I responded to my roommate by saying that I wouldn’t mind dating a white guy. For me, it’s not about race. If I feel we have a connection, then why not try to explore the possibilities? Since that conversation with my roommate, I still have not dated a white guy or anyone of a different for that matter, but I do enjoy getting to know people, regardless of their race. So I am happy to say that I am staying optimistic for if and when the opportunity does present itself. #IAmDownWithTheSwirl!

“Do Yous Know How to Twerk?”

As the year 2014 has progressed, a new dance has had everyone’s interest since it’s been introduced. Even though in the urban community, this style of dance isn’t very unfamiliar, it has become a new craze for all cultures. What is this popular dance you ask? TWERKING! Yup, you read it right, twerking is the new eye catching dance that people have been talking about since the beginning of 2014. Miley Cyrus herself posted a video performing the new dance trend. Anyone can do this dance…with the right technique, but this dance is associated a little more with black women.

I know this because there does happen to be a very big misconception that all black women can twerk, which speaking from experience, is not true. Some people think that because most women of color have a “plump” bottom, that ALL black women have that physical trait, therefore ALL black women can twerk. I am speaking for myself when I say that ALL black women CANNOT TWERK! (Even though I have tried with all my might LOL).

I say this because this question of “Do yous know how to twerk?” has been. One time that I can remember this question being asked when I went out bowling with a couple of friends, who just so happened to also be of color. We were bowling in the aisle next to a group of white kids that had to be around the same age as us. I believe that these kids were around the same age as us (late teens-early 20’s). They weren’t kids that attended Juniata with us, but they did notice that we were because they asked if we went there. We engaged in conversation by answering and we asked them if they were from the town and they responded yes. The conversation went on for a bit and for the most part it was going fine, until they randomly asked “Do yous know how to twerk?” Me and my friends were caught way off guard because the conversation that we were having with them had nothing to do with twerking or dance at all for that matter. The only reason that I believe that they asked us that is because they probably watched some YouTube or Vine videos that have black women in them twerking. Not saying that twerking is wrong or anything. Like I stated earlier, I really wish I was able to do it myself, but because I can’t or even if I did, I wouldn’t want people to just assume that because I was black, that twerking was something that I was born being able to do it. Assumptions can really get in the way of getting to know someone and after those kids asked that question, it kind of just ruined the conversation to continue. So just a word of advise for everyone, don’t think that just because someone is of a certain race, that they can do everything that some people of their race can do.

Here is the official video of Miley twerking if any of you want to check it out.